All in One Animal Catcher Pole/Net Manufacturer

Displaying dog catching net by team
We are only leading Catcher Pole manufacturer from India providing world class catching net for dog, cat, monkey, fox and other animal. We are also shipping equipment to South East Asia, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa and other countries.
The Company, one of the most reliable and globally recognized Indian Corporations, understands and also endeavors to bridge this gap between the need and availability of the catching net product, in a place especially, like India. Hence they have taken a noble and global initiative of providing easily available and affordable, quality assuring and branded Catcher Pole. The tool comes to the hands of the users after passing several quality tests carried out under the careful supervision of experts.
What does it take from a human to be kind to a dog that strays around in search of food and shelter, posing difficulties for an individual animal lover or man from animal control agencies wanting to guide the dog to find food, care, and shelter? Perhaps, handling a rabbies dog or any other domestic animal for that purpose and safely guiding them to the desired destination can be a Hercules job if one is not equipped properly. Thus justifiably amicable solution for the person facing such a situation would be equipping himself with a Dog catching net or an Animal catcher pole.
Facilitate use of dog catching net in the most humane and effective way to coax dogs/wild fox to safety.

  • Keep the dog safe from experiencing any unwanted neck constriction.
  • Provide the users to feel comfortable while they single-handedly work with the sling that can be easily shortened from the handle kept in the hand of the users.
  • Provide the users with scientifically designed, approx 1.5m long steel pole.

The product has been thoroughly tested and the experts to take and incorporate several suggestions from zoos, Animal Control Agencies, veterinaries across the world in order to improve the Animal Catcher Pole, exhibiting excellent workmanship.

Features of Catching Net / Pole

Other Features of the Animal Catcher Pole at a glance:

  • Quickly trap and control most wild animals.
  • Unbreakable
  • Long Lasting
  • Light Weight
  • Complete Steel Handle
  • Nylon Net
  • Easy Availability of the complete Animal Catcher Pole and Replaceable Parts
  • In-time delivery of the customized product
  • Affordable Price being very much within the reach of the budget

To make it convenient for a relevant user being is in search of animal control catch poles, especially for dogs, cats, monkey, wild fox and other domestic animals, we one of the world leaders in manufacturing Quality Animal Catchers, has taken positive initiative to cater the best quality Dog Catcher Equipment at best price, through the local, national and as well as global market across India. Customers, who generally face difficulties in getting veterinary supplies, will be happy to get the products they require at hand within the required time.